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Udagawa Yasuhito
Born in Tokyo.
After graduating from the university, working at a architect's office during 7 years.
Since 1996, being a studio artist "craft factory SHOVEL HEAD".
From 1997 to 2003, made cover object for the monthly computer magazine [Nikkei Win PC].
From 1999 to 2000, had column serial for the bimonthly model magazine [S.M.H].
From 2004 to 2009, dreg illustration for a column of [Nikkei Win PC].
Since 2004, making cover piece for the quarterly computer magazine [Pasokon no Jisaku].
In 2007, 2008 , and 2010, participated in Shanghai Art Fair.
In 2013, displaying at Hilton ODAWARA Resort & Spa
In 2014, "Art of Victorian Futurism" / Seoul KOREA
In 2015. "Affordable Art Fair Seoul 2015"
In 2016, "Beijing Comic Convension" / China
The opportunity to express the creation on publication is increasing.

Solo exhibition
1998 Sep.-Oct. Bokuwa Kikaina Mutant ( I am a curious mutant )
at Soutetsu gallery, Yokohama

1999 Aug. Kimini Deau Hi ( The day we meet )
at gallery ef, Asakusa Tokyo

2000 Dec.-2001 Jan.
"The day breaks as usual"
at Conscious Dreams KOKOPELLI, Amsterdam Holland

2003 Oct.-Nov. "RE-BIRTH"
at Living Design Gallery OZONE, Shinjuku Tokyo

2006 Oct.-Nov. "THE TIME WALKER"
at Kaze Gallery , Ginza Tokyo

2009 Dec. "TOUR"
at NIKE JAPAN, Tennozu Tokyo

at Hilton ODAWARA Resort & Spa, Kanagawa

2014.Oct. "Khsier-Tiger's Past, Moon-Rabit's Future"
at HOW HOUSE, Yanaka Tokyo

2016.March~June, "Mysterious Dwellers of the Universe"
at Red October, Moscow Russia

2016.July~2017.April, "Mysterious Inhabitants"
from St.Petersburg to Ekaterinburg, Russia

The concept of Works

I create life form objects, such as insects, fish and animals sometimes in my imagination. Creating the body, I use paper-macher and wires. After painting with lacquer paint, decorate with metal and electric parts such as bolts, nuts and so on. Our life is getting more convenient with technological advance. On the other hand, so much material is wasted. If life forms evolve like machines, they might be called "Mechanical Mutants"

object image