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Craft Factory SHOVEL HEAD
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wSAKANA vol.6x
Goggle-eyed goby, mahi-mahi, and parrotfish were displayed for show and sale.


1st term finished!
Three Shovel Head pieces will be displayed!

DATE : 25th - 28th, October, 2014
HOURS : 11:00am to 8:00pm
PLACE : at no.8 Artypunch, category ULTRA, SPIRAL

[ Khsier-Tiger's past, Moon-Rabbit's future ]
Thanks for coming!

The 41st edition of Nikkei "Pasokon no Jisaku" >>Autumn issue
I've been making robot pieces for the cover of Nikkei WinPC extra number. >>check


FACEBOOK page started!

" SHOVEL HEAD 2009 "
" SHOVEL HEAD 2010 "
" SHOVEL HEAD 2011 "

" SHOVEL HEAD 2012 "
You can check the selected pieces from 2009 to 2012.

"What will it be like? If the lizard's cut-off tail begins by its will to reproduce another body with mechanical parts."; with this image I've kept on making sculptures. Sometimes there's a question like this:"Do they move?" They seem to move when nobody is there...
Gradually the contents will increase. Thank you for visiting this site and come again!

Yas Udagawa Craft Factory Shovel Head

28 Oct, "SAKANA vol.6"
15 Oct., " THE ART FAIR +PLUS-ULTRA 2014"
30 Sep., "NIKKEI WinPC extra number">> Autumn issue
29 July, solo exhibition "Khsier-Tiger's past, Moon-Rabbit's future"